Thursday, 31 May 2012


Haha, i was out in my yard the other day, and i noticed this baby bird on the ground.. he'd been learning how to fly, which is adorable... he landed on my hand, and his mother went ape shit XD... it was such a tame bird too! one of four in the family

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


this is the 767 WIP, forward panel
This is a kind of magic!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012



Nuff said

Or maybe not.
So i have a 3d cockpit here in the works by a very talented designer's friend. this was done in a matter of hours which is just incredible! This cockpit will in fact be featured in my 787 along with a 2d panel option, should it be necessary.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Help Wanted

ALRIGHT before you get crazy, this is a very specific type of help.
I need to know how to incorporate custom avionics and FBW into my 787. If you know how to work with the SASL plugin and can design things like 3d sounds (like the Sukhoi Superjet) and custom Avionics, then please send me a line. If you don't know how to do that, then please don't comment.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Updated shading, fuselage, wings, gear.

New fuselage shading baked on. this technique is awesome!

New shading, nice wings

So i took the plane out for a new test flight with some shading put onto the wings and fuselage! this dynamic shading looks really nice!


Reflections, Diffuse, normals

This is the 787 rendered into 3dsmax, and it should show up in x-plane too.

Saturday, 26 May 2012


the 767 has no future mapping potential, unfortunately.
but the 787 does.
I took the plane out onto x-plane to see how good some new hi-def normals will play out, and i must say the quality surprised me!
the rivets are based off of Mcphat studio's freeware normal maps.

I fully intend to render the rest of the plane like this too.
the 767 possibly will receive better treatment in the V10 version, since we have 4096 capabilities in that one for textures

a cool website
those guys are making KLAX for x-plane, very nice!


Friday, 25 May 2012


idk about you, but i like the red engines on this model :) Qantas, spirit of australia.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Revising the normals T.T

bump maps were sub par, so i'm redesigning them by hand
this is going to be a nightmare
the new bump rivets can be seen on the top right.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New bump maps for the 767 have arrived, using similar formatting as the Jrollon 747 series, applying transparencies and bumps to the plane rather than conventional methods, it gives the plane a little more of a metallic shine

Monday, 21 May 2012

New wing animations

So i've taken it upon myself once again to test a new form of animating this wing.

Here, the full animation features a spoileron that moves with the reverse thruster.
here's a video.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


The 787 is great! Some paint experimentation has been happening, here's a quick look at three liveries
White, ANA, and Jetstar

Friday, 18 May 2012

Panel Panel

we've started doing panelwork for the 787, this plane features a very similar OH to the 777, so some features may be able to be cannibalized.
Here's the current screenshot of the first work
Hiroshi Igami provided this great picture of the 787 drawing.


Thursday, 17 May 2012


To commemorate 30000 views (which happened about a week ago) here's the first import test on the one, the only 787!
 The exterior model, already surpassing Heinz's in detail and quality

 The landing gears, complete with both detailed struts

 Wings, with speed breaks that work as ailerons AND flaps
Also featuring ailerons that work as speedbrakes and flaps

This model, in my opinion succeeds highly in the areas that Heinz's model has failed, as well as passing in many other areas too. the panel is still in the works, and a preview for that will be released in a few months


Monday, 14 May 2012

F for Fantastic!

the first of four 767-300F models has rolled out of the hangar for the first time! say hello to:
the Boeing 767-300F with CF6-80C engines

 Textures by Philip Foglar
Be sure to check out the progress report page, where we detail which variants are done and what's left to do!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

how many models are done???

alright, for those of you who don't know, when i said i would create ALL the variants of the 767, i MEANT all the variants

here's what's been done so far:

A = one front door
B = two main doors
L = large cargo door
S = small cargo door
W = Winglets,

767-200 series (finished)
767-200 CF6-80A A
767-200 JT9D A

767-200ER series (finished)
767-200ER CF6-80A A, AL
767-200ER JT9D A, AL
767-200ER PW4000 A, AL
767-200ER CF6-80C, A, AL

767-300 series (finished)
767-300 CF6-80C A, AL, B, BL
767-300 CF6-80A, A
767-300 PW4000, BL
767-300 JT9D A

767-300ER series (finished)
767-300ER CF6-80C AL, BL, AWL, BWL
767-300ER PW-4000, AL, AWL, BL, BWL
767-300ER RR RB211, BL, BWL

767-400ER series (finished)

E767 (finished)

There are 10 more variants (BCF, F, -200) to be finished.

the Panels and some model's flight dynamics aren't fully perfected yet



THIS thing is a strange plane! look at the giant rotating thing on it's back!
lol, here is the first progress shot of the boeing E767, it still needs it's gray cover, but other than that, the exterior is done, right down to a rotating thingy.

The final product!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Panel Progress (-200ER + -300ER)

So i got a first screenshot of panel work from XPP today, and GOD it looks amazing! it's got quite a bit of detail, and when compared to the real deal, is almost identical so far! how exciting is that?

Great job!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

767-400ER first screenshots

There is NO reason to believe that just because the 787 is started that i'm stopping the 767 XD

Here are the first flight shots of the completed exterior model. The plane is now at par with the other two models and is only to receive a proper panel and then will be sent out to the XPP website

 Trust me, the definition of the textures is better, my crappy computer just can't render them -.-

So there, it isn't dead yet.
For all three variants, the one major detail i focused on was the fact that they HAD to run smoothly on the lowest level computers (my macbook 2009 -.-), so a lot of work went into the planes to make sure that they ran at a good 40-50 frames per second in the test runs.
in XP-10 i'd estimate maybe 20-40 frames depending on your rendering settings

Thanks for your time!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

First Import

Alright, i made a first import of the 787 into X-plane today to test the flaps and wing surfaces, and i decided i would show you how this plane is better than Heinz's in a more detailed fashion, here i present the detailing differences between slats, gears and speedbrakes

 Heinz's slats, below, VS Hiroshi's slats, above
Note the lack of slat wells and the fact that they aren't flush to the plane's fuselage
Hiroshi's Speedbrakes, above, Heinz's, Right, notice how hiroshi's features full length speedbrakes that extend over the middle aileron as well

 Hiroshi's gear vs Heinz's gears, note the detail difference


Best part of all this is that mine will have higher frame rates!