Saturday, 26 May 2012


the 767 has no future mapping potential, unfortunately.
but the 787 does.
I took the plane out onto x-plane to see how good some new hi-def normals will play out, and i must say the quality surprised me!
the rivets are based off of Mcphat studio's freeware normal maps.

I fully intend to render the rest of the plane like this too.
the 767 possibly will receive better treatment in the V10 version, since we have 4096 capabilities in that one for textures


  1. You meed then767 will not come out for XPLANE?????????????????

  2. The 767 with be both for XP V9 and V10 but because V10 supports 4096x4096 Extreme Resolution textures, it is more detailed then the v9 version.

  3. and the 767 will come out for X-plane....he is using McPhat Studio's normal maps for a base in his normal maps. and that doesn't mean he wont do it for x-plane. this group is an x-plane only studio, and we are not intending to develop for fsx or fs2004.

  4. thank´s for the nice answer

    I looking so for it to come out