Sunday, 6 May 2012

Baby boeing


I noticed while working on the 762 how short it is... random fact

Anyways, the first production model of the 767-200ER has been done! All it needs is a panel and some new normal maps and it'll be ready for takeoff! We've got quite a few liveries planned, and XPP is helping us create! Here's a screenshot of what will be the base livery, US air, flying up away from San Fransisco



  1. Hey Zroman i really love your work! Btw i was wondering if like after u finish the 767/787 if possible you could look into the boeing 757-200/300... I hope im not bothering you by asking... It's just because i fly on them a lot and i like that style of plane. Keep up the good work


    1. the short answer is no, for two reasons:
      Firstly, there has to be an FSX (not FS2004) flight model readily available for conversions, and it has to be free.

      Secondly, because we don't take requests. we make as we want, or on this case, we make as Hiroshi releases.

  2. Really like your work hope it will be release soon keep going