Monday, 7 May 2012

Heh heh heh

Just wanted to draw your attention to the 787 by Hiroshi Igami.

 Hiroshi's 787 (top) VS the Real one (bottom)

Real 787, note the almost straight edge right at the windshield and slightly below ^
Heinz's 787 below for comparison, note how the nose cone is curved all the way, instead of flatter near the windshield
 Notice the sharp, well cut slats in the image above ^

Hiroshi's 787 is regarded as one of the highest detailed models for FS2004. A quick factoid, FS2004 only supports 60000 polygons, while this plane flies at almost 70000! it is ultra detailed in many aspects, including some of the most accurate gears and flap tracks that i've ever seen! the shape of the fuselage right down to the slight difference in gear door size is absolutely incredible, also present are tiny ventilation and exhaust ports all over the plane. Not visible are things like APU doors, detailed gear struts and pressure release valves, all of which will be brought over to X-plane. Once released, this plane will rival the Payware by Heinz in quality for several reasons.
First one being this
Looking at Heinz's model. I can say with confidence that it doesn't look like he knows the 787 well. I mean sure all the right things are there, but there are so many design flaws with the model, particularly on the wings. His wings are the area I think needs the most work... the slats go through the wings on deployment, and are rounded without sharp edges near the ends, the flaps are poorly detailed and don't deploy properly, the speedbrakes just jut out of the wing, when in reality, they are flush with the trailing edge of the wing (not including flaps). There is a small section of fuselage that bends backwards with the flaps, which isn't present in Heinz's 787

Whereas, with this (Hiroshi's) 787, It guarantees detailed flap tracking, complete with interior flap mechanics, detailed landing gears with everything modeled down to the millimeter and an accurate overall body and panel with complete overhead.


  1. Amazing, simply amazing. 1 Question on FPS will this airplane be able to run just as smoothly as all your other aircraft?

  2. This plane has 60000 polygons
    The 767 also has 60000 polygons.
    in XP9 i can run it at 40-50 FPS, I don't know about XP10 yet (haven't tested)
    so i do believe that you will have no trouble getting the 787 to run smoothly in x-plane 9 or 10

  3. How may I get to fly this baddy?! Looks like a sweet ship.

    1. She's not available yet, as part of an agreement with Hiroshi Igami (the model builder) this plane will be released on the same day his 787 for FS2004 and FSX is released.

  4. Howdy Z.........Not much to say other than.........You rock Dude! Keep it up! I'm jumping on an AAL 767-300W this evening from DFW-SCL and back Saturday. Can't wait to X-Plane on your 67.....been flying on those quite a bit lately. Cheers mate. Dennis