Thursday, 26 July 2012

787 Liveries

And now, the Crown Jewel

Each of these is also equipped with interior textures that are signature to each airline.
More paints to come include:
Virgin atlantic
British Airways


Monday, 23 July 2012

787 video

We got at least two other videos on their ways too.

787 interior work

God Dammit this plane's interior is hard to do! I've been working late nights putting the new interior together, and now it's finaly nearing what i call Alright.

 Because nothing's better than BLATANT product placement :3


Sunday, 22 July 2012


quick notice, by tomorrow, there will be four 767-200ERs on, the other four are on their way too. After that, it will be the -300 NON ER and the -200 NON ER. After that, the -300BCF and ERF and the -200 ERF

There are 8 types of -200ER
CF6-80A AL
CF6-80A A
CF6-80C AL
CF6-80C A
PW4000 AL
PW4000 A

AL representing one passenger door and a large cargo door
A representing a passenger door and a small cargo door.
here's a screen to demonstrate the small cargo door


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Work Goes On

So a quick notice, the first two variants of the 767-200ER are available to download at They are the CF-6-80A and -80C AL models
work continues on the 787 interior cabin, here are some new progress shots
 Starry night textures, still need tons of work though XD
 Transparent Decals, Changeable depending on what you want here
 More Decal Shots, again, changeable as you please
Seating cards, obviously not placed properly yet.
A preview of the new Economy class seating

Work goes on with both airplanes, the next two 767-200ER models are set to release very soon

As for the 787, many experimental features are being tested, including twinkling stars in the mood lighting, tinted windows which can change their tint, seat belt signs that illuminate with the switches, and much much more!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

787, Why mine is going to be better.

So I was working on my 787 the other day, and someone on facebook straight up says "why should i download your 787? it's obvious that heinz's is better, after all it's payware"
Well, allow me to highlight the downsides of Heinz's plane and the upsides of mine.
Let's start on the exterior.
 So as you can see, in the above image, Heinz's model features a double slotted fowler flap, not the single slotted fowler found on the 787. his speedbrakes also extend in odd ways, plus the ailerons and inboard flaperons don't extend with the speedbrakes, below, you can see areal 787 in landing configuration. Note the fact that speedbrakes go all the way to the fuselage, and how they open at consistent angles. Also not how the inboard and outboard ailerons function as both flaps AND speedbrakes.
Below, you can see Heinz's (above) and my (below) 787s in landing configuration, again, not the fact that the inboard and outboard ailerons don't act as spoilers.

 One of my favourite issues with this plane is the landing gears, In each of the images, you can see what his landing gear lacks. His nose gear is just a leg, tire and some struts, the real 787 has steering cylinders which rotate back and forth to help steer the plane. His gear doors are also too fat, wide and open up too much. On the main landing gear, he features one drag brace and a cross bar. that's it. Hiroshi's 787 features a detailed landing gear, complete with hydraulic brake lines and full strut modelling.
 Now on to the interior, the real 787 (above) features a complex PFD (primary flight display) that has many modes. There are several systems in the PFD that are activated by the pilot, and several bugs, indicators and other things that haven't been simulated on this 787. My 787 will feature a plugin that should be able to cover all the various warning systems, speed bugs and annunciators. For example, the real 787 has bugs on the speed indicator that tell the pilot when to rotate, when V1 has been reached, and even what speeds to raise or lower the flaps! Take note at the design of the ND, or navigation display. his features an altitude reader at the bottom, when in reality, the 787 has a full screen ND plus an engine EICAS, both of which can be switched to an FMS or a failure page, or several ECAM functions. The details of those functions will be described in my 787's manual.
My final criticism for the plane goes to the FMC. the 787 FMC is a thing of beauty, a touch screen panel displays both the left and right FMCs and beside that, a pair of spankin FMS keypads. The actual 787 FMC can also be used to display ECAM information, but as seen in the bottom image, the ECAM can also be displayed on any other window. The FMC and two panels seen above it are all interconected in one giant redundant system in the real 787, all of which will be simulated on my own 787. Note how heinz simply puts two large FMC screens where a single touch screen should be, and neglects to put the keypads beside the screens rather than behind them. My 787 building group is currently working on making  a single-screened multi-functional FMC/ECAM/ND/EICAS panel system that we intend to incorporate via FBW plugins.
so THAT is why you should download my 787 instead of his. Don't get me wrong, he has quite a few good planes, but this just isn't one of them. I hope this answers the question "why should i get yours when it's released instead of heinz's"

no hard feelings towards him, however i do feel that if you're going to license a plane, that you should make it as accurate as possible.


Saturday, 14 July 2012


This certainly is magic in the making, in just one hour, look at what has been added to the 787!

NO 3D cockpit... sorry, but we will include this gorgeous interior, if it looks a little low-definition, it's because we need to save the frames.


Friday, 13 July 2012

Surprise :)

now i did mention in my last post that i'd be working sporadically, and the other day i fired up blender and did some experimenting, and here's the result. these are screens for a 3d interior (NOT COCKPIT, JUST CABIN) for the 787, since we can't get a 3d cockpit. This may become quite a frame hog, so be ready with a beefed up system


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Break time

KK, with the successful release of the first set of 767s, i've decided to take a break from all this x-plane work, possibly until august. It's been pretty tiring answering all your emails, so it's time for a break :) don't worry, i may still do sporadic work on teh 767s, but true work will resume around august 14 th (i have camp before that)
until than, safe landings!




Tuesday, 10 July 2012

PW versions up

Alright, as I write this post,  the latest PW engine Boeing 767-300ER (BWL) is being uploaded. All the GE and PW variants should be available on the website by tomorrow evening. The RR versions are now being final-tested and prepped with some liveries for their trip into the Flightsim world :)
Here are some more screens of what you should be able to find within the PW planes. Special thanks to Blue Horizon for approving of my 767 celebration paint for them :)


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Trouble and Fix

So a friend pointed out this problem, and i had to go check out what was up, so the planes will have to be taken down again -.- so that I can fix the cargo door functions. The planes should be back up within a week, with new liveries and fixed animations.

happy happy!

alright first three planes are up! one of them got corrupted (AL) and had to be deleted
Just go to and search up x-plane boeing 767-300ER and choose one of the three that you'd like :)

PW flights

So I apologize about the lack of planes showing up on the download list, they do tend to take a while to upload :P anyways, the PW versions are almost done! here's a shot of my PW AL model flying to Atlanta from North East russia
Livery Courtesy of Brandon D. Henry


Friday, 6 July 2012

PW Preview

So now with the GE series uploaded (it should show up on the download list tomorrow), work has started on prepping the PW series for release, here's a little preview of one of the liveries, courtesy of Brandon Henry. As an experiment, we'll probably also engine dynamic lighting.


Thursday, 5 July 2012


The new Boeing 767 family has arrived in X-plane! After almost six months of work, the final products are starting to roll out into the world. The plane is a joint production between Modeller Hiroshi Igami and the FSXP team.

The planes is a conversion of the FSX model of Skyspirit 2010's Boeing 767 family. Currently, there are 34 models slated for release between now and the end of August. Currently available are the 767-300ER GE-CF6 model with either one large passenger door or two, along with winglets or now winglets.

The plane comes with a basic 12-page manual depicting how the plane is flown and several charts for when the plane is in flight. The plane features detailed animations to almost every part including gears, wing flex, flap tracks and interior mechanics, doors and sliders, full wing mobility and even ground services!

The flight model has been tested by a Boeing pilot to ensure that the plane can meet the operating abilities of the real plane, and detailed fuel guidance charts from the original FCOM have been provided within the plane. The plane also features a comprehensive panel which includes a near-full Overhead and forward panels.

Animations, flight model , Model Convertion : Michael Justin Chang
Normal Maps: Peter Tram
Sound :Jerry Alexa Ng

And thankyou for permitting and helping this project.
MSFS Original model : Hiroshi Igami
MSFS Master Painter : Philip Foglar
CLS CEO Warren Daniel : supplier of data and manuals
 Files are being transferred to, files will become available one at a tmie