Saturday, 7 July 2012

PW flights

So I apologize about the lack of planes showing up on the download list, they do tend to take a while to upload :P anyways, the PW versions are almost done! here's a shot of my PW AL model flying to Atlanta from North East russia
Livery Courtesy of Brandon D. Henry



  1. So excited!! Two questions; What engine model does United use? And second, on your 777s, the main gears were not fully on the ground, they were a little elevated but working as if they were on the ground normally... is there a way to fix that in planemaker and can you make sure that doesn't happen on the 767?(i don't think it will but just wanna be sure) Looking forward to it!!

    1. No work is being done on the 777s, so please don't ask for that fix, as for the 767s, it should be alright. as for united, you'll want to use the PW AL model

    2. will it come with the AWL as well since they just started using winglets?

    3. sure! as long as you remember which variant to use, PW engines have a wider exhaust cone than the GE engines, and remember AWL vs BWL and AL vs BL