Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Work Goes On

So a quick notice, the first two variants of the 767-200ER are available to download at They are the CF-6-80A and -80C AL models
work continues on the 787 interior cabin, here are some new progress shots
 Starry night textures, still need tons of work though XD
 Transparent Decals, Changeable depending on what you want here
 More Decal Shots, again, changeable as you please
Seating cards, obviously not placed properly yet.
A preview of the new Economy class seating

Work goes on with both airplanes, the next two 767-200ER models are set to release very soon

As for the 787, many experimental features are being tested, including twinkling stars in the mood lighting, tinted windows which can change their tint, seat belt signs that illuminate with the switches, and much much more!



  1. I only see the X-Plane Boeing 767-200ER CF6-80A AL on FlightSim at this time for download. No -80C. Is it still uploading from you? Thx!

  2. Looks 1000 times better, because the seats looks better (in Heinz ones, they are Chairs :) )
    and the Plane looks really good

  3. I hate how designers always get so caught up with the interiors that the flight controls working on the outside are rubbish with terrible paints and textures. You're one of the rare ones my friend. Keep it up!

    1. Think like you: Designers like Peter Hager make Planes and they don't have a 3D Cockpit. And his Planes don't look good

    2. thanks for the kind words, but you have to remember that hiroshi designed the exterior ;)

  4. I have a question (don't understand it wrong, but I want to know): Why don't YOU make the 3D cockpit? I heared what happened, but I'm sure you can do it... ;)