Tuesday, 10 July 2012

PW versions up

Alright, as I write this post,  the latest PW engine Boeing 767-300ER (BWL) is being uploaded. All the GE and PW variants should be available on the flightsim.com website by tomorrow evening. The RR versions are now being final-tested and prepped with some liveries for their trip into the Flightsim world :)
Here are some more screens of what you should be able to find within the PW planes. Special thanks to Blue Horizon for approving of my 767 celebration paint for them :)



  1. What's the scenery package in the first picture?

  2. Dear Zroman,
    Your planes are absolutely awesome!
    I'm good in 3d modeling and was wondering: what about adding the interior windows,toilets, seats and galleys?
    I think that would be awesome!
    Let me know what you think ( you already know my email adress)
    Yours truly,
    X-plane Web wings

  3. Wheres the Austrian livery?

  4. Hi, Michael:

    I absolutely love the detail work you put into the flaps, air brakes, etc, for these 767-300 variants.

    One problem I am encountering... I am using a Logitech Attack3 joystick with X-P 9. With the throttle switch slid all the way back or all the way fwd, all of your 767's give full throttle at those positions.

    I know that full back in a real 767 will deploy thrust reversers, but this is kinda glitchy to have to keep the joystick slider at approximately the 7/8 slid back position for idle thrust.

    Is this intentional, or is there a fix coming?

    Much thanks!

    1. sorry about that, it's a hardware glitch for ALL hardware throttles, there is a fix, but i don't know it off the top of my head :S

    2. It's all good, my friend. Looking forward to the fix. I really enjoy the new liveries, esp. the Delta/Br Cancer, El Al and Shanghai Air. BTW, how does one open the cargo doors?

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