Sunday, 29 April 2012

Exterior objects 2.0

Hey everyone! I've spent the last few weeks re-doing my object files for the 767-300ER no winglets, one main door. and i've Finally finished the objects! although some tweaks still need to be done, at this point this is probably how the plane will look in the final release. Below is a pre-finish video detailing some of the animations of this plane. One of my personal favourites is the flap's internal mechanism which allows for smoother animations and more accurate results.

The plane will also feature basic ground servicing

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Alright, so i spent the past week or so talking with Hiroshi of Skyspirit frequently, and after some overviewing of the external model, we have concluded that it was TOO UNDER-DETAILED. So we started Redoing parts of it, namely the landing gears. Here is a quick video of the new nose gear testing out deployment and steering functions. we also concluded that the 767-200 will wait until Hiroshi Releases the 762, which will be in the near future.
With regards to the legitimacy of these planes, Mr. Hiroshi Igami has told me, that once released, the plane will be posted to avsim, the Skyspirit2010 site, and many other noted websites, along with a press release for the plane.

Also, some Screenshots of the main landing gear being worked on

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Awake from your slumber!

OMG it's been so long since i posted anything!
Okay, so firstly the 777 is NOT to be re-released yet. it is currently in a legal gray area and can not be redistributed, so stop asking.
secondly, the 767 family now has a sibling!
the 762 is now being developed in parallel to the 763, inside this video, you can see the two planes in action. every livery in existence for both airplanes WILL be painted, so no need to request! :)

Currently, no paints are being done, and the plane is being focused on object refinement and flight model development. no new members are to be added to the group, and no beta-testers will be necessary. all tests will be done within the group and with close developer friends.

Monday, 9 April 2012

livery creation and normal maps

For any x-planer, being able to chose what paints you fly with is an important aspect of your flying experience, that is why here at FSXP we intend to create as many different 767 liveries as we can for the release of this airplane. we request however, that you do not send us requests, as we will create every livery in existance for the 767, that is a promise. there is currently a hidef paintkit being created which will replace the existing one and allow even better paints to be done. until then, here is a preview of three already existing paints for the 767-300ER. please excuse the lo-def quality, my computer sucks
Aeroflot Fictional 767 paint
 Air Canada Frosted Leaf
 Delta Airlines


alright, the first two sets of objects have finally been finished! the GECF6 model 767s are now undergoing huge flight tests to prepare them for release, this will be the longest part of the build, perfecting a flight model. to keep you all patient, i've released a first video, demonstrating many aspects of the plane. please note that the wingflex shown in the video has since been edited.
 Aeroflot Flight of fancy <3

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hello readers,
Progress on the first 767 OBJECTS is nearing completion. All the objects have been done, and now all that needs to be done is heavy flight model tuning, but that will take a while, considering all the research required. that in mind, the first release will be the GE CF6 engine variant with no winglets, followed by the CF6 version with winglets. do not ask about release dates, as they are not yet known. each model will only include one livery, and a blank paint kit for those who would like to create their own and upload to the .org
Here, a screenshot of the GE CF6 model nearing completion, it will feature basic ground services, which, like in the 777 will hide when the mixture knobs have been turned down

Friday, 6 April 2012

Continuing changes

a321 has come to a copyright snag, as pointed out by Xboy9. although many repost this model on FSX with no trouble, it may have conversion copyright issues, so until this issue has been resolved, all projects containing default FSX parts will be postponed at this point, i can't take any risks with my aircrafts. 747-8 is being cancelled, and no aircrafts are to feature three-dimensional cockpits until this matter is resolved. The most likely case will be that any aircrafts that were to feature the 3d cockpits (744 and 737X families) will simply be released without the 3d pits, but rather with full interior wide-screen panels

In the mean time, the boeing 767 will be put into creation, as it requires no more copyrights to create. The attatched screenshot shows the first stages of flight model creation, which will be 100% home-made.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Turning Tables

Hello everybody
While reading over a letter i recieved from Namaui, thinking about advice from Xboy9 via skype and reviewing some of my forum posts on Xpilot and here (along with many of the responses to them), i've done a little self evaluation and had a revelation. I've come to realize, that my behavior has not been acceptable, and if i keep this up, I'll never be able to dig myself out of the rut I've created, if anything I'll get deeper.

I'll admit it. I am rash, ignorant and immature, and if you look anywhere, you'll find posts of me ripping on others, including those horrid posts that you saw at x-pilot. I've never been the type of person to stop and think about what I'm doing, and that has come back to haunt me. I over reacted to what other people were telling me, and I didn't take their advice in the right way. I looked back at what they posted, and i realize now that although a few were expressing pure disdain, a lot were trying to help me, and i simply turned my back on them, instead of accepting their help and trying to better myself.

In an attempt to start on a clean slate (though this certainly will be a long haul) i have decided to start my own project which will be the 767-300. I will be constructing the Flight model by myself in plane maker since there isn't any base to work off of, with plenty of mid-work shots and videos to show constant progress. As Far as objects are concerned, Hiroshi granted me a while back permission to use his 3d models, however, THAT IS ALL THAT WILL BE USED, everything and i mean EVERYTHING else (texture wise, panel wise and flightmodel/airfoil wise) will be 100% my own, and you can quote me on it!

As it is now, i'm still lacking any progress shots for this model, as building an aircraft from scratch is still relatively new to me. I am also issuing a public apology to both x-pilot and I am here saying sorry for all the rude comments, death threats, angry rants etc.. that were visible on the forums and my blog, i would especially like to apologize to Six7 and BrentS for all of my rude words towards the two of you. Honestly, i'm an arrogant person, but most things always work out my way when i argue, so it just isn't something i'm used to doing, but i do want us to at least bury the hatchet, even if i don't get let back into the .org.

Once again, i am truly sorry for my actions in the past (i can understand that this may never be enough for the way i treated you). I hope to one day rebuild my X-plane career under a lighter path and create honestly made, quality addons for the community. I sincerely hope that i am on the right track again and if anyone would like to offer more advice that will be constructive to my future (i'm open to criticisms as well) then by all means please, send away. Once again you have my apologies.