Friday, 6 April 2012

Continuing changes

a321 has come to a copyright snag, as pointed out by Xboy9. although many repost this model on FSX with no trouble, it may have conversion copyright issues, so until this issue has been resolved, all projects containing default FSX parts will be postponed at this point, i can't take any risks with my aircrafts. 747-8 is being cancelled, and no aircrafts are to feature three-dimensional cockpits until this matter is resolved. The most likely case will be that any aircrafts that were to feature the 3d cockpits (744 and 737X families) will simply be released without the 3d pits, but rather with full interior wide-screen panels

In the mean time, the boeing 767 will be put into creation, as it requires no more copyrights to create. The attatched screenshot shows the first stages of flight model creation, which will be 100% home-made.


  1. Will u make a winglet model 2? Btw i really respect your work you have done. =) Gl

    1. All models will be created, all engine variants, winglets and no winglets

    2. Alright thats awesome!! Gl

  2. Looks great so far :) Keep up the good work.