Monday, 9 April 2012


alright, the first two sets of objects have finally been finished! the GECF6 model 767s are now undergoing huge flight tests to prepare them for release, this will be the longest part of the build, perfecting a flight model. to keep you all patient, i've released a first video, demonstrating many aspects of the plane. please note that the wingflex shown in the video has since been edited.
 Aeroflot Flight of fancy <3


  1. holy **** nice!! Your doing a great job!! 1 question like always where is the download page on your blog? "home/screenshot/copyrights/but where is the downlaods? =o


  2. all been removed because he is redoing the acfs i think...

    1. it really is partially for redoing the models and as part of the revamping of my image. from now on, the website focuses on one plane at a time and one plane only. that means, the 767 will be much more heavily focused on as it will be the only ongoing project. this will help us be picky about what should and should not go.

  3. All been removed because the previous ones were illegal...they will not be put up again unless explicit permission from the authors is given.