Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Awake from your slumber!

OMG it's been so long since i posted anything!
Okay, so firstly the 777 is NOT to be re-released yet. it is currently in a legal gray area and can not be redistributed, so stop asking.
secondly, the 767 family now has a sibling!
the 762 is now being developed in parallel to the 763, inside this video, you can see the two planes in action. every livery in existence for both airplanes WILL be painted, so no need to request! :)

Currently, no paints are being done, and the plane is being focused on object refinement and flight model development. no new members are to be added to the group, and no beta-testers will be necessary. all tests will be done within the group and with close developer friends.


  1. Hey
    Lovely Can´t wait your aircraft are one of the best in the boeing class and the best is that it´s freeware

  2. Howdy Roman! We can't see the video in the US because it has been blocked - it's an EMI issue wiot the US. Any chances of viewing it in another way?

    Thanks Dennis.