Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Break time

KK, with the successful release of the first set of 767s, i've decided to take a break from all this x-plane work, possibly until august. It's been pretty tiring answering all your emails, so it's time for a break :) don't worry, i may still do sporadic work on teh 767s, but true work will resume around august 14 th (i have camp before that)
until than, safe landings!



  1. Hey Michael!
    Thanks for these lovely aircraft just wounder will you upload the B767-300 RR befor your break ?


  2. It would be cool ;), but you deserved your little break. Take care :)

  3. What's happening with the 777? Was it ever released? If so, where can I find it?

  4. Hey Guys! The 767-300 RRs were released today and are available in The 777 unfortunately were pulled off and for some reason Mike has decided not to do more work ont hem. It's a shame because his first release of the 777s was marvelous - they only had a couple of minor things that needed tweaking but they were marvelous. I was lucky to save my downloads on those. Maybe someday he'll pick them up again and finish them up.

    Cheers. Dennis

  5. Dear Mike,
    can you please tell us how to open all the doors?
    Can't still open fwd passenger door!

    1. In X-plane go to keys and equipment, then assign a key in the operations tab, through sliders 1 to 6 and that will do it for you

  6. Hey mike
    Just wounded if you will put out one of the 767-200 befor the 14 aug

    Thank's for a perfect aircraft